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  We have the hard to find electronics for you phone, tablets, and laptops. Some of our products are: Screen Protectors that have 4 layers ( VERY hard to break and protects your eyes), 360 magnetic phone cord that you can connect with one hand and it has a soft light that makes it easy to plug in. This is a nice cord to have for drivers and to plug your phone in at night.

  The really cool backpacks we have are ANTI-THEFT and have a USB plug in to charge your phone while you are at a concert, party, traveling or even in a meeting.

         Have you been looking for security cameras for your Home or                                                                            Business? 

  We also sell home and business security equipment that you can run from your phone. Two of our most popular ones are: The On-Watch 360 security bulb (This comes with it's own socket and uses NO electricity so you can put it anywhere),

   Our 8 channel 4 in 1 Security System comes with 4 cameras with a 10.1 " Monitor. We also sell Solar Security Systems too. We sell the equipment ONLY. We are not selling security service. 

   The safes we have are keypad password protected and can be used in your home or office.

   We invite you to come check us out at and get 20% off your first order

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Do you like getting stuff FREE??

  You get this FREE when you buy any 2 items                                                                 in our store. Come get yours now!                                                               

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We are asking for feedback

We are here in the south and getting a LOT of rain. We needed some rain but we are enjoying the showers.

How are you doing today? Where are you from? We would love to hear from you and what is going on where you are.

Our store has been busy getting new products in and we are working on making your shopping experience a wonderful one!

We would like to get your feedback. 

What do you like? 

What do you NOT like?

Can you find things easily? 

What would you change?

How can we make it better for your shopping experience?

Good or bad all feed back is always welcome so we can make our store the best!

Thank you,

Les & Lisa

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Awesome BRAND NEW Items.

Awesome BRAND NEW Items.

These are a few of our newest Items that we just got in.

We honor our Military and will be getting more shirts in our store for both of these sayings.

For women we have this cute outfit in different colors. This Fire Bowl is AMAZING.

Come check them out and come get yours today.


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Love Purses? Check out our new collection.

Here is just a few of items that are stylish and fashionable.



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